Compassion In Practice

Together, we seek to understand and solve the unique situations facing couples and families throughout San Diego County.

Two Decades Of Family Law Experience

At Goforth Family Law & Mediation, our careers are dedicated to serving the couples and families of our community with understanding and respect. Whether preparing for marriage or partnership, setting expectations for your family’s future, or seeking agreements prior to separation, we work diligently with all who are involved to arrive at a plan together.

The legal agreements involved in any of these situations (premarital, postmarital, and separation or divorce) offer powerful solutions when achieved with the guidance of an experienced and committed family law attorney. Our years of experience help clients work through differences and negotiations by striving toward cooperation, not conflict, for the good of all involved. Whether coming together or moving apart, preparing for any future can be a challenging process without the great care you’ll receive from a committed family lawyer like Ms. Goforth.

Attorney Paula Goforth
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Thoughtful And Independent Mediator

Our compassionate and unbiased approach to third-party mediation is rooted in years of experience helping negotiating parties effectively work together to reach agreements and solutions, while keeping personal conflict to a minimum.

Together, we can put forth an agreeable plan for the future of your family or relationship. Let our experience and determination to understand help guide you through the process of formalizing these key legal agreements. Call us at 760-477-8595 or message us below to set forth on this path toward a solution together.


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