Compassion In Practice

Compassionate Family Law Guidance For You

As a family law attorney, I know mutual understanding can go a long way in solving familial issues. It’s why I work hard to understand the unique situation you, your family or relationships are in.

Throughout San Diego County, I offer my clients 20 years of experience with all manner of challenges facing families today. Another important solution I provide, equally as powerful as my commitment to understanding, is making formal legal agreements and setting shared expectations to help plan what the future may hold for all involved.

Making Important Agreements Before And After Marriage

At Goforth Family Law & Mediation, I am trusted for my fair and compassionate approach to premarital and postmarital agreements. I believe every couple should make these very personal preparations for important life milestones, to set clear expectations together and protect any plans differing from the impersonal standards set forth by California state laws.

Prenups can go a long way in keeping conflict to a minimum, and postnups are great for covering bases after you have entered into marriage. In drafting and reviewing these agreements, I help couples find solid footing on common ground in many matters of family law, including:

  • Plans for division of property
  • Legal separation agreements
  • Negotiating child custody and visitation
  • Modifying child support and alimony (including spousal support and family support)

Call me at 760-857-5427 to discuss your current situation and we’ll start working together toward a fair and formal outcome. You can also reach me online by using the form below.

Guiding You Through All Relationship And Family Care Matters

Today’s partners and families experience a wide range of challenges. I use my extensive family law experience in delivering compassion and attention, to reach a clear understanding between all parties involved, no matter the challenge. Additional family legal matters I assist with include:

  • Annulment of marriage
  • Divorce  (dissolution of marriage)
  • Mediation
  • Establishing paternity
  • Entering or ending cohabitation agreements
  • Enforcing judgments (including injunctions and protection orders)

Call me at 760-857-5427 to discuss your current situation, and we’ll start working together toward a fair and formal outcome.