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Protect Your Finances And Your Marriage With A Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage is an important milestone for both you and your spouse. The impact is more than emotional and spiritual. You are entering a legal bond that ties your lives together for the years to come. You have so much to celebrate, so don’t let concerns about your finances overshadow your new commitment. A prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement can settle those concerns.

I am family law attorney Paula J. Goforth, and I have been assisting clients throughout San Diego County for over 20 years. Whether you are engaged or already married, you can create an agreement with your spouse regarding your financial future. I am well-versed in California’s laws regarding such agreements and can help you create a strong, well thought-out plan.

Sharing Your Expectations For A Strong Future

I firmly believe in the power of communication when it comes to building strong relationships. Understanding each other’s thoughts and feelings regarding your finances is an important part of that relationship. A prenup can help reduce future conflict because you will have already discussed these issues at a time when you are getting along well, rather than in the heat of an argument.

At Goforth Family Law & Mediation, I can help you negotiate and draft an agreement that will work for you. Examples of topics I help clients discuss include:

  • How to handle an inheritance
  • How to divide debt in case of a divorce
  • Designating certain property as marital or separate
  • Including each other in your estate plans
  • Dividing interests in a family business
  • Providing financial support for one spouse to further their education
  • Whether alimony may apply after a divorce

Of course, your agreement will reflect your needs and your relationship. Once you have firmly reached common ground, you can move forward with your marriage with confidence. If your marriage does end in divorce, you will already know what to expect regarding your division of property. You will not need a costly and protracted legal battle.

Discuss Your Options With Me

To find out more regarding how a prenup or postnup can help you, schedule an appointment. You can call my office in Carlsbad at 760-857-5427 or reach out online.